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Bedding compounds, used typically to fill voids in or literally "round out" cable assemblies, provide a number of benefits to the wire and cable manufacturer. The primary use of bedding compounds is in power cables, with an important secondary use in telecommunications/data communications. In their simplest forms, bedding compounds are used in multi-conductor cables, filling spaces between conductors and the cable jacket, insulation or sheathing. Simple cables may use a single bedding compound layer, while more complex cable assemblies might use two or more bedding layers. Bedding compounds can be conductive, semi-conductive or non-conductive, and they may be non-flame retardant or flame retardant. Generally, bedding compounds are elastomer-based, comprised of a variety of polymer blends or polymers. The exact formulation depends on cable construction and application.

NameKey Features / DescriptionLOI (%)Elongation (%)Tensile (MPa)
EKOPREN® 3RP311For CU/XLPE/PVC Cables31804.2
EKOPREN® 3RP361For CU/XLPE/PVC Cables781005
EKOPREN® 3RP371For CU/XLPE/PVC Cables68708
EKOPREN® 3RP481For CU/XLPE/PVC Cables78803
EKOPREN® 3RP501For CU/XLPE/PVC Cables28--
EKOPREN® 3RP631For CU/XLPE/PVC Cables---
EKOPREN® 3RP931For CU/XLPE/PVC Cables47--