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Functional Additives

SACO AEI Polymers provides off-shelf and customized modifiers and additives solutions to polymer compounders and converters. Product lines include LINXIDAN® coupling agents, ARMIDAN® impact modifiers, LUBIDAN® polymer lubricants. Products are developed and manufactured at the state-of-the-art facility in Sheboygan Wisconsin.




NameKey Features / DescriptionMFIMelting TemperatureDensity
ARMIDAN® NT6000Plastomer impact modifier for polyolefins1.51100.90
ARMIDAN® NT7100High efficiency impact modifier for polyamides21.0680.89
ARMIDAN® NT7210High efficiency impact modifier for polyamides19.0720.89
ARMIDAN® NT7410Maleated polyolefin elastomer specifically designed for alloying with polyamides to improve toughness and impact performance at room and sub-zero temperature39.0720.88
LINXIDAN® LX4433Maleated HDPE coupling agent with high content of grafted MA0.61300.95
LINXIDAN® LX4434Maleated co-PP coupling agent with high content of grafted MA70.01610.92
LINXIDAN® LX4435Maleated homo-PP coupling agent with high content of grafted MA and high MFI100.01610.91
LINXIDAN® LX4436Maleated VLDPE coupling agent with high content of grafted MA0.3680.89
LINXIDAN® LX4510Silane-grafted coupling agent (HDPE)0.71280.94
LINXIDAN® LX45200.71190.91
LINXIDAN® LX4530Silane-grafted coupling agent (plastomer)0.8990.90