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THERMODAN®  are CPE based Jacketing compounds that provide an excellent balance of properties making them  suitable for use in a wide range of demanding applications.  Performance characteristics include excellent chemical, oil, fuel, solvents and acid resistance, flexibility, low temperature impact/bending and excellent flame retardancy.

THERMODAN® CPE/Elastomer blends are an excellent replacement for CSPE (Hypalon®) at lower cost.

CPE Hazardous Environment Applications: Industrial Mining | Petrochemical Plants | Automotive | Substation Control

CPE Cable Applications: UL | CSA Instrumentation | Control | Tray | Power Cable Types

NameKey Features / DescriptionLOI (%)Elongation (%)Tensile (MPa)
THERMODAN® CP 0110-108 BKmSuperior FR and UV Resistance. Black (BK)373502200
THERMODAN® CP 0110-108 NTSuperior FR and UV Resistance. Natural (NT)374002300