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Flame Retardants

Our EXTINITY® line of flame retardant and antimony oxide masterbatches and compounds deliver FR performance in a non-dusting pellet that is easy to handle.  Benefiits include improved properties via better dispersion and better environmental Health and Safety by elimination of powders.




NameKey Features / DescriptionProduct TypeFR Type
EXTINITY® 0101-107FR Compound, Halogenated Compounds Halogen, Synergist
EXTINITY® 0101-108FR Compound, Halogenated Compounds Halogen, Synergist
EXTINITY® 0101-205Low Smoke, HDPE, extrusion Compounds Non-Halogen
EXTINITY® 0103-202Olefin based, extrusion Compounds Non-Halogen
EXTINITY® 0201-125Highly filled flame retardant concentrate designed to meet a variety of film flame retardant specifications Masterbatch Synergist, Bromine
EXTINITY® 0201-127Non-blooming designed to alleviate color shift problems when a flame retardant is used in colored films Masterbatch Synergist, Bromine
EXTINITY® 0201-132Highly loaded; UV stabilized flame retardant concentrate for letdown in polyethylene resin systems Masterbatch Synergist, Bromine, SS
EXTINITY® 0201-171Highly loaded, RoHS compliant, flame-retardant concentrate Masterbatch Synergist, Bromine
EXTINITY® 0201-303PE, PP, TPO Resin Family
EXTINITY® 0201-312Highly loaded antimony trioxide concentrate for a variety of applications Masterbatch Antimony
EXTINITY® 0203-303Highly loaded antimony oxide concentrate in an EVA carrier resin Masterbatch Antimony
EXTINITY® 0211-301EPDM Resin Family Masterbatch Antimony
EXTINITY® 0218-108Highly loaded flame-retardant concentrate used for a variety of polystyrene-based applications Masterbatch Bromine
EXTINITY® C0007-18LMExtrusion compound, coPP Compounds Halogen, Synergist
EXTINITY® FR Conc C48% active flame retardant masterbatch additive dispersed in co-polymer polypropylene (coPP) carrier Masterbatch Synergist, Bromine
EXTINITY® PFP042M-04Non-halogenated phosphorus based flame retardant masterbatch concentrate in a polypropylene carrier Masterbatch ZH Phosphorus