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THERMODAN® HF Thermoplastic Polymer Technology provides the ultimate security for human safety in high occupancy and restricted area facilities. Up to 95% less smoke, low toxicity, low acid gas producing characteristics than halogenated and PVC systems. 

Complies with IEC & BS Standards for HFFR Compounds for various cable markets listed below.

UL | CSA Standards

UL HF Bulletin UL 2885   0103-212NT & TP 0812

Power | Data | Telecomm | Fiber Optic Cable Jackets

LEEDS® Technology Competence

NameKey Features / DescriptionLOI (%)Elongation (%)Tensile (MPa)
THERMODAN® CP 0110-108 NTSuperior FR and UV Resistance. Natural (NT)374002300
THERMODAN® HF TP343NTLow Smoke Zero Halogen Jacket Compound For Fiber Optic Cables | European CPR | Hospitals | Airports | Commercial Premises & Residential Facilities3823211.9
THERMODAN® HF 0103-212NT, 0103-212BKUL | CSA FT4, IEEE1202 capable3821512.4
THERMODAN® HF TP-0812Low shrink, high performance UL 1666 / FT44018012.5
THERMODAN® HF TP-0832Crack resistant, enhanced smoke & tear performance3516512.5
THERMODAN® HF TP-0835Crack resistant3317012
THERMODAN® HF TP-0836High line-speed, low die-drool3317012
THERMODAN® HF TP-0840CPR rated3216012.5
THERMODAN® HF TP-0851Ceramifiable HFFR-16012
THERMODAN® HF TP-0870High flexibility3227011.5
THERMODAN® HF TP519CEasy process, high output3417013
THERMODAN® HF TP521NUCrack resistant3318013
THERMODAN® HF TP521NUNCrack resistant, enhanced FR3719512
THERMODAN® HF TP543CHigh performance, high FR4117013
THERMODAN® HF TP543CBUHigh performance, high FR/high LOI4117013