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  Key Takeaways:

  Mike McCormack Business Unit Manager

As a Business Unit Manager, Mike and his team is responsible for sourcing and distributing high-value additives for the plastics industry. These include compatibilizers, surface modifiers, chain extenders, flame retardants, impact modifiers, coupling agents and scratch & mar resistance additives. Mike has spent most of his career in the chemical and plastic industry with roles in Marketing, Sales & Corporate Development in the Automotive, Wire & Cable, and Polymer Distribution markets. Mike has a BS in Chemical Engineering from Auburn University, received a Management Development Certificate from Case Western. He currently resides with his family in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

 Cosimo Carfagna Global Business Development Manager

Cosimo Carfagna joined SACO AEI Polymers in 2013, as Global Business Development Manager in the additives area. Main focus in his position is on business development with functional additives, flame retardants, masterbatches, and customized specialty solutions to compounders and converters.  He previously worked for global polymers and additives manufacturers, in various assignments in Italy, the Netherlands and USA. Cosimo graduated in Chemical Engineering at the “Universita’ Federico II” in Naples, Italy, defending an experimental dissertation on Liquid Crystal Polymers, which was object of publications on scientific journals and received a national industry award.  Later he held post-doc assignments at University of Naples, University of Salerno, and Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, before joining the Polymer Industry.


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